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    Tool Shadow Boards Australia

    To help you maintain an organized and efficient workspace, our Tool Shadow Boards and related systems are designed to keep your tools and small parts readily accessible and well-organized. Here are the different categories of our Tool Shadow Boards and their key products:

    Perforated Panel Systems

    WERKS® Perforated Panel System
    Keep track of your equipment and organize your warehouse, workshop, or yard with WERKS Perforated Panel Systems. These panels provide a versatile solution for tool storage and easy access. 

    WERKS® Modular Perforated Panels
    Designed to suit WERKS Component Trolleys, these modular perforated panels offer flexibility in tool organization and storage. 

    WERKS® Partition Walls - Perforated Panels
    Configurable in multiple ways, WERKS Partition Walls with perforated panels provide a customizable solution for tool storage and workspace division. 

    Louvre Panel Systems

    Steel Slotted Louvre Panel
    This panel is designed to hold Supra Bins and can be secured to the wall using holes on both sides, making it a reliable option for organizing small parts.

    WERKS® Modular Slotted Louvre Panel
    WERKS Slotted Louvre Panel, specifically designed to suit WERKS Component Trolleys, offers efficient storage for small parts. 

    WERKS® Slotted Louvre Panel System
    Ideal for keeping track of equipment and organizing your workspace, the WERKS Slotted Louvre Panel System is perfect for workshops, warehouses, and yards. 

    Mobile and Free-Standing Solutions

    Louvre Bin Trolley
    This convenient mobile storage solution is perfect for manufacturing, assembly, and production environments, ideal for holding small parts. 

    Flightline Tool Cabinet
    Large, mobile tool cabinets designed with dust resistance in mind. Ideal for 5S LEAN Workshops, these cabinets ensure your tools are protected and organized. 

    WERKS® Free Standing Partitions - Double Sided
    These partitions can be fitted with WERKS Perforated or Louvre panels or a combination of both, providing versatile tool and small parts storage. 

    WERKS® Free Standing Partitions - Single Sided
    WERKS Free Standing Partition Frames can be fitted with either perforated or slotted Louvre panels on one side, offering a space-efficient storage solution. [link to product]

    WERKS® Partition Wall Frame Supports
    Used to provide a working wall or to divide workstations, these supports can be fitted with perforated or slotted Louvre panels. [link to product]

    Delivery available Australia wide and express delivery available in major cities that includes:

    ✔ Sydney (NSW)

    ✔ Melbourne (VIC)

    ✔ Brisbane (QLD)

    ✔ Perth (WA)

    ✔ Adelaide (SA)

    ✔ Gold Coasts

    ✔ Newcastle (NSW)

    ✔ Canberra (Australian Capital)