Pallet Jacks Perth

Are you looking for a way to improve productivity at your business in Perth? At Backsafe Australia, we have an extensive range of pallet jacks suitable for a range of different businesses in Perth. Our pallet jacks are robust in nature and agile enough to manoeuvre in small spaces making it an ideal investment for small warehouses.

Backsafe is a family owned and operated business with a mission to provide storage systems, material handling equipment and safety products for businesses and workplaces to create safer work environments. Backsafe Australia rests on a foundation of providing the best quality solutions to our customers and this distinguishes us from our competitors.

Why Choose Our Pallet Jacks?

  • Customization: We also appreciate that every business has unique material handling needs and for this reason, we offer custom solutions on our pallet jacks. Doing so helps our clients to streamline their operational processes, improve safety and bring in cost effective results.
  • Availability: Our team is always ready to assist you with any questions or requests that you have. If you have any material handling concerns, talk to us and we will assist you in finding the most cost-effective solution.
  • Guaranteed quality: We go to extra lengths to guarantee excellence in our pallet jacks’ manufacture and service delivery, ensuring that we sell only industry-best quality. From our wide inventory of material handling solutions, we are sure your business will find the best solution for its material handling needs.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: To guarantee customer satisfaction we offer a 12-month warranty on any pallet jacks purchased.


Our Leading Products

  • STURGO® Low Profile Manual Pallet Jacks: This manual pallet jack is ideal for small warehouses for stock picking with an overall width of 540mm and a minimum platform height of 55mm. This manual pallet jack is structurally designed to handle heavy lifting with a maximum load capacity of 2000kg. In addition, it is equipped with nylon front wheels and polyurethane back wheels to prevent any markings on a variety of flooring surfaces.
  • STURGO® Electric High Lift Pallet Jack: This electric high lift pallet jack is designed to efficiently maximise loading/ unloading and horizontal transportation of palletised goods. It is has a maximum load of 1000kg and can reach heights from as low as 85mm to 800mm. Structurally equipped with long legs and a rear stable bar ensures stability when lifting uneven loads. In addition, this electric high lift pallet jack can also function as work table when needed.

Contact us today and join the large family of satisfied business owners around Perth who rely on our high quality pallet jacks.

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