STURGO® High Frequency Electric Straddle Stacker

  • Overview

    • Model Number: 11740006
    • Product Name: STURGO® High Frequency Electric Straddle Stacker
    • Starting from: $14,203.20


    •  Agile enough to manoeuvre around the smallest warehouse
    •  Prevent costly accidents from manually lifting, lowering and carrying
    •  Save time and manpower with the powerful 1 metric tonne capacity
    •  Good for the environment with no nasty fuel emissions
    •  Quieter than combustion powered forklifts so ideal for warehouses which echo
    •  Operate safely on ramps and prevent uncontrolled roll backs with the anti-roll system
    •  Automatically adjusts rate of decline (loaded or unloaded) for safe operation
    •  Quality engineering ensures low noise and less vibration
    •  Simple to operate with ergonomically designed features and immediate responsiveness
    •  Critical safety features including easy touch emergency plug for complete operator control
    •  Intuitive speed control switches to low speed when lifting higher than 0.5 meters
    •  Compact body for easy storage
    •  Stylish design with powerful performance
    •  Tough long-lasting engineering
    •  Solid body frame
    •  Ergonomically designed handle
    •  Long-life battery
    •  No hassle maintenance
    •  Affordable price and excellent investment
    •  Side way battery for easy replacement
    •  Side operating handle for better operator vision
    •  Explosion proof valve under lifting cylinder
    •  Controlled mast drop if oil pipe breaks


  • Specification


    •  Capacity 1000kg
    •  Lift height 3000mm
    •  Travel speed 3.5 to 4km
    •  Built in charger
    •  Electric park brake
    1.2Model Designation -11740006
    1.3Drive unit-Battery
    1.4Operator type-Walkier
    1.5Load CapacityQ (kg)910
    1.6Load centerC (mm)600
    1.9WheelbaseY (mm)1374
    2.1Service Weight (incl. battery)kg960
    Wheels, Chassis   
    3.1Tyre type-PU/PU
    3.2Tyre size, operator side (diameter x width)mm230 x 75
    3.3Tyre size, load side (diameter x width)mm102 x 50
    3.5Wheels, number operator / load side (x - drive wheels)-1x/2
    3.7Tread, load sideb11 (mm)1045/1345
    4.2Height, mast loweredh1 (mm)2110
    4.3Free lifth2 (mm)150
    4.4Lift heighth3 (mm)3300
    4.9Height of tiller arm in operating position, min/ maxh14 (mm)825/1190
    4.15Fork height, loweredh13 (mm)75
    4.19Overall lengthI1 (mm)1948
    4.20Length to face of forks

    I2 (mm)

    4.21Overall widthb1/ b2 (mm)1120/1420
    4.22Fork Dimensions s/s/l (mm)40/ 100/ 1070
    4.25Outside fork width, min/ maxb5 (mm)254/780
    4.26Width between straddle armsb4 (mm)970/1270
    4.32Aisle width, 1000 x 1200 pallet crosswaysAst (mm)2157
    4.34Aisle width, 800 x 1200 pallet length waysAst (mm)2197
    4.35Outer turning radiusWa (mm)1545
    5.1Travel speed, laden, unladenkm/h5.5/6.0
    5.2Lifting speed. laden/ unladenm/ s0.127/0.23
    5.3Lowering speed, laden/ unladenm/ s0.26/0.20
    5.8Maximum gradebility, laden/ unladen S2 5 min.%8/16
    5.10Service brake-Electromagnetic
    6.1Drive motor rating S2 60 min.KW1.1
    6.2Lift motor rating at S3 15%KW2.2
    6.4Battery voltage/ rated capacity (5h)V/Ah24/160
    6.5Battery weight (with box)Kg160
    -Battery compartment dimensions I/w/hmm-
    -Batttery type--
    8.1Type of drive control-AC
    8.4Sound leel at operator's eardB(A74

    1. Special lifting height available.
    2. The specification in the table are for standard models only. For further information please contact us.
    3. Specification are subject to change without notice.
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  • 11740006
    STURGO® High Frequency Electric Straddle Stacker

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