Why Your Workplace Needs Lockers

Why Your Workplace Needs Lockers
Why Your Workplace Needs Lockers teaser

12 Nov 2018

Does your workplace have lockers for your employees? Lockers might make sense for sports clubs or a relic of your high school years, but personal storage spaces for employees have more than the obvious benefit of keeping personal belongings secure. Here are some of the top reasons why your workplace needs lockers.

1. It respects personal space

More and more businesses are open plan designs; they also may be on “hot desk” systems – you sit wherever there’s a free space, not an allocated spot you can call “yours.” Having lockers installed gives employees a sense of control over their work environment. Not only that, but many employees commute direct from or to the gym or social events from work, which means they can store sweaty or easily creased clothes away from other employees (saving their noses and sanity in the process.)
Pictured: Steel Storage Lockers – 4 Tier  

2. It provides extra security

This may seem obvious, but more workplaces are using contractors, freelancers, and consultants. Though you may not want to think that the people you bring into your workplace are would-be thieves, lockers do provide extra peace of mind for people who bring high-value items such as laptops, tablets, GPS devices from their car, or even just handbags, to work. At the very least, it shows your employees that you care as much about their property as they do.  


3. It decreases clutter

If your workplace is open plan, shared, or ‘hot desk’, employees bringing in their personal belongings creates clutter and can block thoroughfares. Disorderly desks and workspaces can also cause unnecessary distraction. Having a bank of lockers tucked away in a designated part of the building can reduce unwanted items clogging walkways and can keep workspaces free from the temptation of distractions.

4. A place to call “home”

Lockers can bridge the divide between home life and office life, and makes employees feel like management sees them as well-rounded individuals, not just “human resources”. Giving people freedom to customise or decorate their lockers with personalised touches or photos, and create a sense of team if you brand your lockers in the same colours of your company.

5. Employees may want them

If you haven’t run an internal survey about what employees need to feel comfortable and valued, you may find that many employees want personal stowage spaces. Many employees in a Sapio Research survey said five of the top 15-workplace distractions such as personal space encroachment or messy workspaces can be solved with better and easily accessible storage solutions.

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