Why Line Marking is Essential in Your Warehouse

Why Line Marking is Essential in Your Warehouse
Why Line Marking is Essential in Your Warehouse teaser

28 Jun 2018

One of the biggest mistakes a warehouse owner can make is to not spend enough time and consideration on the design and layout of a warehouse. Planning ahead will increase productivity and efficiency, as well as ensure the safety of employees. It is essential for safety and security that there are clearly marked walkways and good line markings, this is especially important when you have a mix of traffic and walking areas in a single working environment.


Safety is a top priority. The health and safety of your employees is always of paramount consideration. This is why it is important to invest in the right safety resources. Line markings with different colours and symbol provide your employees with a simple and quick warning of potential dangers. A lined pedestrian walkway provides a safe place for workers, but also visitors that need to frequent your warehouse. You can also display safe stopping distances and ‘stop’ and ‘wait’ markings. Line markings can also give clear instruction in an emergency, such as directions to a fire exit or nearest assembly area. They can also be colour coded for ease of understanding, which is especially important in times of business and stress.


Floor Graphic - Forklift Lane Please Keep Clear


Line markings can provide a clear indication of different storage areas, as well as vehicle traffic, pedestrian areas and different types of stock. Every warehouse owner knows that the smooth running of a warehouse increases productivity and efficiency and keeps costs down and there is no better way to do that than maintaining an organised, line marked and well labelled warehouse. There is less room for error as everybody is looking at the same markings.


Warehouses aren’t unilateral. The most efficient warehouses will have various functions and processes happening simultaneously. To do this effectively depends on good zoning and marked areas. This can include borders and outlines of how goods are to be stored, as well as where goods aren’t to be stored. You may also need to have a parking zone line marked for warehouse vehicles, pallets or other warehouse equipment.


Pictured: Floor Graphic - Keep Clear


Line marking provides you with the perfect tool to efficiently utilise your warehouse space. Making the most of the available space, will not only increase your capacity, but lead to a more organised and functional warehouse. It also provides a clear visual for you and your employees to see areas where space might be utilised better.


Unlike some other forms of warnings and markings, line markings are incredibly durable and long lasting. Line markings are designed to withstand the tough environment a warehouse provides. Despite the fact they are durable, they can be removed and changed if needed.

Line marking is an important part of warehouse design. Not only for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness, but importantly the safety and well being of employees and visitors. They are a durable and cost-effective element of your warehouse design.

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