Which Trolley is Right For You?

Which Trolley is Right For You?
Which Trolley is Right For You? teaser

27 May 2019

Every warehouse has its own specific needs when it comes to transporting new or picked goods from receiving to dispatch or vice versa. The old days of manual handling – picking it up and putting it down – are long gone. The modern warehouse runs on wheels – trolleys of various configurations. Trolleys reduce manual handling time per item and increase overall efficiency. For example, it reduces journeys to complete the same task and makes overall loading time much quicker.

This prevents gridlock at distribution points, increased productivity, and best of all, reduces overall operating costs. This means less man-hours per job and higher revenue per man-hour spent. It’s crucial to ask this question when implementing a trolley system: which trolley is right for your business? Read this Backsafe Australia’s guide to help answer that question.

Platform Trolleys

Platform Trolleys are usually made of high-grade stainless steel or aluminium and have a flat top for carrying various loads. Some platform trolleys can be single, double, or triple layered and have push/pull handles at one or both ends. They’re usually mounted on a four-wheel chassis. These types of trolleys are easy to use and can fulfil warehouse orders in all applications. Other modified trolleys may have holders for buckets or bins for smaller orders or parts in automotive or retail. The general load capacity for these trolleys can range between 100-350kg. Platform trolleys are a mainstay in helping reduce injuries and increase efficiency

Hand Trolleys

Hand trolleys are foldable, easily portable, and simple to operate trolleys that can move many stacked boxes at once. Boxes are stacked on the lip/fork at the bottom, tilted, and pushed/pulled around to its required destination. It is not suitable for use for carrying many boxes or unwieldy loads over long distances. It can usually carry about 250kg at the maximum. These can be useful in smaller warehouses.

Mesh/ Clax Trolleys

Mesh/ Clax trolleys are large steel trolleys with a mesh or wire cage around the perimeter to stop items falling off during transport. Mesh/ Clax trolleys are distinct from platform or hand trolleys as they can be modified to fit an array of applications. For example, taller mesh/ clax trolleys  can have shelves installed to enhance accessibility of items, or be compartmentalised for various uses, e.g., one half dedicated to picking, the other half dedicated to re-shelving. Heavy duty mesh/ clax trolleys are often made with sturdier steel wheels and chassis and make it safer to transfer heavier or bulkier items for both the operator and employees. These types of trolleys can carry up to 500kg or more, depending on spec.

Wagon Trolleys

Used for heavier items, wagon trolleys have oversized tread tyres, pneumatic wheels, and a single handle bar. These may even be powered in some circumstances. It can carry massive loads on its flat top – some wagon trolleys have scissor lift apparatus to meet its load on a truck or van, reducing the risk of injury and damage to the item if dropped in place. Some wagon trolleys have load capacities exceeding 900kg.

Pictured: STURGO® Electric Platform Trolley with Centre Drive

If your warehouse needs the best in cage trolleys, platform trolleys, or hand trolleys, Backsafe Australia has the largest and highest quality range of warehouse ready trolleys available. Call us on 1300 305 314 for more information.

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