Different Types of Storage Bins For Your Activity Rack System

Different Types of Storage Bins For Your Activity Rack System
Different Types of Storage Bins For Your Activity Rack System teaser

30 Mar 2020

If you run a warehouse, transport or storage facility, you need a range of flexible storage solutions to ensure you are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. No matter what sort of parts, equipment or stock you need to store or ship, plastic storage bins provide a versatile storage system when used in activity racks. Plastic storage bins provide a versatile storage system when used in activity racks. Backsafe Australia supplies storage bins and racks to operators all over Australia who are looking for ways to optimise their storage more efficiently.

Imaged: Plastic Supra Bins

What are plastic storage bins?

Plastic storage bins are one of the most flexible storage solutions around, and can help you to meet all types of warehouse, storage facility or distribution centre needs. Available in a wide range of sizes, plastic storage bins can be used for storing a variety of stock, parts and tools. In addition, they can be stowed on any type of shelving, mobile tool trolley or panel systems, and are ideal for use in conjunction with industrial storage racks.
A further benefit of plastic storage bins is that they are available in a range of colours. This is extremely helpful when it comes to separating goods and materials into categories, improving efficiency across all types of working environment.


What are plastic storage bins used for?

A plastic bin storage rack is the ideal storage solution when it comes to the categorisation and organisation of inventory, tools and parts. Bins are available in a range of different sizes and capacities, and the vertical rack design enables you increase your storage capacity without it impacting on the floor space on your warehouse.
There is no limit as to what you can use storage bins and racks for, as they are strong and durable, and capable of handling most goods and materials. Whether you put them to use in sorting and storing goods prior to shipping or distribution, for keeping spare parts close at hand, or for making sure your most commonly used tools and equipment are easily accessible, activity rack systems can help you to make sure you are operating as efficiently as possible.

What are the different types of storage bins and containers?

At Backsafe Australia, we stock a wide range of plastic supra bins, stack & nest containers, and utility bins.
Supra bins are brightly coloured to assist with categorisation and organisation, and are fitted with an ID card holder to enable clear labelling. They have a reinforced base, sides and stacking rim that make them suitable for heavy duty use, and they can withstand high temperatures and most industrial solvents. They can also be configured with internal dividers, so they can be used to store even the smallest parts and components effectively.
Stack and nest containers are lightweight, multipurpose storage bins that have been designed and manufactured for a wide range of industries including warehousing, distribution, automotive, engineering and food industries. Being the most commonly used crate in Australia and New Zealand is proof of their durability and versatility. The stack and nest design allows them to be stacked when full and nested when empty, saving storage space.

Imaged: Stack & Nest Containers

What are the benefits of plastic storage bins and containers?

A plastic bin storage rack system can help you to achieve greater efficiency through maintaining inventory integrity and speeding up access to goods and materials. At the same time, as plastic storage bins are extremely strong, there is no risk of the bottom collapsing, while being skid resistant means that the risk of slipping off of shelves is reduced. The fact that they can be stacked so easily also frees up space for other purposes, while the variety of colours makes it easy to organise products or materials into categories.

Where can I buy plastic storage bins in Perth?

At Backsafe Australia, we stock a range of plastic supra bins, stack & nest containers and utility bins for use in plastic bin storage rack systems. To learn more about how we can help your business find the right storage solutions, call us on 1300 305 314 or get in touch by email.

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