The Top 10 Benefits of Materials Handling Products

The Top 10 Benefits of Materials Handling Products
The Top 10 Benefits of Materials Handling Products teaser

31 Oct 2018

The importance of materials handling equipment for the safe and efficient operation of any sort of production, shipping or storage facility cannot be overstated. A materials handling system that is built upon the right products and equipment will bring multiple benefits to operations by ensuring high productivity levels, efficient use of manpower, and in creating a safe working environment. Here are ten of the most significant benefits:

1. Improve your efficiency and reduce costs

Using the right materials handling equipment is a boon for efficiency, regardless of the sector or industry in which you operate. Goods need to be handled less often, they are easier to locate, and the time required to move them in and out is significantly reduced. This ultimately reduces costs and increases overall operating efficiency.

2. Keep your workforce safe

Using materials handling products that meet your operational needs and are appropriate for the physical environment will help to eliminate potential hazards and enhance workplace safety. The mishandling of materials is a primary cause of workplace accidents and injuries in Australia, but using the right equipment will significantly reduce risk.

3. Be more productive

Productivity is increased in a warehousing facility when goods are stored so that staff can easily access them, or move them in or out efficiently, so that there is rapid movement of inventory. Likewise, well-ordered storage that doesn’t impact on the ability of staff to move around also contributes positively to productivity levels.
Rows of orange and blue warehouse shelving
Pictured: Cantilever Racking – Heavy or Light Duty

4. Keep your customers happy

If you’re in shipping or supply, you’ll know how important it is that customers receive products on time and in good order. The more efficiently you can move stock in and out ultimately determines how satisfied your customers are. Materials handling equipment that helps to reduce shipping time is therefore a good investment.

5. Reduce handling costs

Every time you handle products during warehousing or shipping costs you money. It contributes to labour costs and slows down the movement of goods, so over-handling creates significant yet unnecessary overheads. However, if your materials handling equipment is fit for purpose, you reduce the number of times goods need to be handled — as well as the associated costs.
 Sturgo hydraulic scissor lift table
Pictured: STURGO® Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

6. Keep better track of your inventory

Effective materials handling isn’t only about moving goods — it’s also about tracking inventory. Knowing where your stock levels stand means you reduce the risks of running low, or of overstocking and taking up valuable resources with goods you can’t move. Production and stock control are much better managed with the right materials handling systems.

7. Make the most of the space

In any type of warehousing or production facility, space is at a premium. Materials handling systems should always facilitate productive storage and movement of goods through providing ready access to stock.

8. Less damage, less loss

The right materials handling products will reduce the risk of goods being damaged or lost. Poorly organised storage can damage goods so that they can’t be sold or shipped, or can lead to stock getting lost, creating unnecessary delays and unwanted costs. Well-designed materials handling equipment minimises the risks of this occurring.
Worker using materials handling products

9. Become more competitive

In business, reputation can be all. If you’re known for shipping goods on time and in good order, you have a better ability to compete in the marketplace. Likewise, when your materials handling systems are in good working order, you can spend more time developing customer relationships rather than simply getting your goods out there.

10. Maintaining the quality of your products

Reducing the number of times a product is handled not only cuts overheads, but also contributes to product quality. The fewer times goods have to be moved, the fewer chances there are for accidental damage. For producers and shippers alike, the condition of the end product is crucial, and quality materials handling equipment reduces the risk of accidental damage.
We understand that that every business is different, so we maintain a client focused range of products to help you find the best solution for your workplace. Have a look at our range of materials handling products, and if you still aren’t sure which option will work for you contact us on 1300 305 314 or send us an email at

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