The Top Five Advantages of Pallet Racking

The Top Five Advantages of Pallet Racking
The Top Five Advantages of Pallet Racking teaser

12 Apr 2019

Pallet racking is one of the top ways to streamline warehouse operations both in terms of storage and workflow. It can make life easier in terms of stacking new stock, retrieving it, and inventory management. If you are considering pallet racking for your warehouse, here are the top five advantages for installing pallet racking, and particularly mezzanine style pallet racking.

1. Pallet racking saves space

Installing pallet racks increases the amount of vertical space your warehouse can use. You gain more space without expanding your current operation, which in turn saves on effort. They are often referred to as the “ultimate alternative to shelves” as pallet racks use fewer parts. This also frees up even more space, as overhangs for shelves can chew up valuable millimetres. Over a 2,500m2 warehouse, these millimetres can add up to significant savings. It also enables forklifts to access pallets easily, instead of relying on cumbersome and unsafe materials handling. Pallet racking is the best solution for saving space where substantial stock capacity is needed.



2. Pallet racking is cheaper

Since pallet racking uses fewer components, its also cheaper to install and maintain than comparable shelves. Renovating a warehouse’s entire shelving system can be costly. Installing pallet racks, especially mezzanine pallet racks makes more effective use of already existing space, which minimises expenditures. Chances are if your current employees are handy with tools and are ticketed for it, they could install the pallet racks without hiring any additional help.


3. Pallet racking improves safety

Another big advantage installing pallet racking system is it ensures maximum safety for all employees in the warehouse. Made from sturdier materials built to Australian Standards, pallet racks provide a robust warehouse storage solution. A pallet racking with the right capacity can handle various pallets in your warehouse that may be heavier than what traditional shelves can allow.


4. Pallet racking is more convenient

Pallet racking isn’t a “one size fits all” solution – different kinds of pallet racking can serve different purposes. Packing more pallet racks closer together might deprive ease of access, but it will allow you to keep more inventory on hand. Roll-through racks or live racks roll stock through from behind to an end point such as production lines or loading docks, so there’s a clear flow of inventory from start to finish. The common pallet rack, the selective pallet rack, gives employees total visibility of inventory and easy access without the need to move pallets out of the way. This gives businesses more flexibility to implement a just-in-time warehousing system.


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5. Pallet racking is adaptable

Once you’ve shifted towards a pallet racking system, you can chop and change your pallet racking to suit your throughput and needs. If your business receives large orders and needs to prize efficiency over space, you can rearrange pallet racks to a more selective rack system. If you need to install more pallet racks for overflow, attaching mezzanine pallet racks are easy to implement. Whatever the configuration, pallet racks can adapt.


To find out more about pallet racking and how your business can leverage its many advantages, Contact Backsafe Australia today on 1300 305 314.

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