Storage Solutions: The Key to an Organised Warehouse

Storage Solutions: The Key to an Organised Warehouse
Storage Solutions: The Key to an Organised Warehouse teaser

07 Jun 2018

An efficient warehouse is key to keeping your business running smoothly and cost-effectively. Design layout, labelling, racking and software all play their part. Effective Storage solutions are one of the most simple and basic principles in managing an effective and organised warehouse. Having the right storage for the right products and materials will improve the accuracy of customer orders, improve picking efficiency and increase your storage capacity by optimising your available space and reducing costs. Better use of vertical space will help you get more in the same square footage. Using a variety of different storage methods will also help you maximise efficiency. For instance, storing small items on pallet racks wastes space so various types of shelving for differently sized goods is often a good option. There are a number of storage solutions available depending on your warehouse needs.

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is used for heavy, bulky or long items such as timber, plasterboard or piping, although it can be used for less heavy duty storage and pallets. The flexibility of being able to add arms means that is customisable to store all different shapes and sized goods. Cantilever racking can be created with customisable layout that will meet your specific need. A 3D computer design can be generated so you can design each element and feature and ensure you get maximum storage space in your warehouse.


Pictured: Cantilever Racking - Heavy or Light Duty  

Pallet Racking is a popular warehouse option. This type of racking provides a way of storing pallets vertically in order to save floor space and make the most of storage space. There are various designs available. Some key considerations in choosing the type of racking system you need will be: the desired storage density, your available floor space and ceiling height, inventory accessibility and rotation, the size and weight of the materials being stored and the cost of installation. Racking can be double or single and consider accessibility as well as space efficiency. 


Pictured: Pallet racking 

Industrial shelving

There are many various types of industrial shelving available depending on the materials you are planning to store. You may require a solid shelving unit, or an easy to clean wire one. You may also want to consider if the shelving is open or have doors, the size of the objects and the accessibility.


Pictured: Flat Top Industrial Cabinet

Stackable pallets, shelf bins and crates

Stackable pallets, bins and crates provide a solution for small parts storage. Warehouse pickers can use them to organise and access small products that are in high demand. This increases efficiency and speed as items are easy to locate. Stackable pallets also offer a great space saving advantage as they can often be folded or easily dismantled for storage when not in use.


Pictured: Stackable WERKS Timber Pallets 

Determining the specific storage requirements of your warehouse business will help you choose the right storage solution. There are a multitude of options available. The correct storage solution for your business will improve the efficiency of your warehouse and save money long term.

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