Sometimes Heavy Lifting is Necessary. But is it Safe?

Sometimes Heavy Lifting is Necessary. But is it Safe?
Sometimes Heavy Lifting is Necessary. But is it Safe? teaser

30 Jan 2018

Lifting heavy objects without the use of lifting equipment is part of our day to day lives. We have to pack and transport goods from one point to the other. But as much as this strenuous work of lifting heavy objects is unavoidable, we should keep in mind that a man is not a machine. This post will expound on weight limits, how to lift heavy objects, and working protocol.

Weight Limits

The Australian safety regulators have set cautious guidelines that employers must adhere to in order to avoid injuries. One of the major rules is that the object to be carried must not be too heavy such that the employees muscle tissues get damaged or they get back ache. Weight of 16kg is considered the safest weight for man to carry, while the heaviest is 55kg.

Any object heavier than 55kg is beyond the safe range of man and can cause serious injuries to the human body.When the load is heavier than 55kg, we should always make sure that we employ lifting equipment such as forklifts in order to relieve the workers. Without this, we will be abusing the workers.

forfklift attachment

Above: Hydraulic Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment

How to Lift Heavy Objects

Workers should be taught to practice appropriate safe ways of carrying heavy things. One way is for the worker to bend his knees as he reaches down to pick up the object. Most people do it wrongly by bending their waist and this exerts stress on the lower back leading to lower back pain. The right way is to keep the back straight and bend the knee. This puts the pressure on the knees and thighs instead of on the sensitive back. Another way is to push instead of lifting or pulling. This method works well in reducing the amount of strength that the muscles will have to exert.

There are a few more methods that workers can do to protect their backs. One way is to warm up the cold muscles before attempting to start lifting. This is done mainly in the morning, or before the start of the shift. This warm up exercise prepares the muscles for the stress that is about to be exerted on it. Without this crucial warm up, the worker can get serious muscle problems such as muscle pains and twitches.

bend knees lifting

Working Protocol

It is advisable for workers to work in groups instead of as individuals. This is because group work helps the workers to share the load. The more hands employed in lifting an object, the less effort each hand will exert. Workplaces should also have periods of rest and rotation. This helps the worker to take breaks from lifting things, and this helps relieve the stress that has been put on the muscles, and the workers can end up having longer careers.

Safe Lifting

This helps the company to save money in terms of health care bills from work related injuries.
Therefore, as much as heavy lifting is necessary, it can be either safe or unsafe depending on whether the one lifting the weight is applying safe procedures and using the right lifting equipment.

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