How To Select A Good Quality Trolley

How To Select A Good Quality Trolley
How To Select A Good Quality Trolley teaser

15 Jan 2018

There are a few elements to many businesses that are essential and Trolleys is one of them. Whether it be to move files around the office, baggage around an airport or crates around a warehouse, there aren’t many industries and businesses that don’t have the aid of a trolley to get items from A to B.

When choosing the right trolley for your business, it is important to know exactly what you will use your trolley for so that you can select the most efficient trolley for the job. Here’s a summary of some of the trolleys that are available for you to choose from.

Basket Trolleys

These are often used in offices and hospitals for transporting paperwork and light items around. They are lightweight and usually on castor wheels so they are easy to move. There are various specifications available including collapsible baskets, removable baskets or double-tiered. They also vary in materials such as plastic, metal, or a combination of both.

sturgo order picking trolley basket

Above: Basket to Suit Sturgo Order Picking Trolley

Tiered Trolleys

Again, these can be plastic or metal. Stainless steel, two or three-tiered trolleys have easy to clean surfaces and are often used in healthcare, or for serving food. They can also be used as a durable and movable workbench. They are available in plastic with a removable side to create an enclosed space to protect the contents. Heavy duty sturdy tiered trolleys are available to handle more industrial and commercial materials.

tier service trolley

Above: 2 Tier Service Trolley

Spring loaded and scissor lift trolley

A spring-loaded trolley reduces the risk of back injury by reducing the need for users to bend. A scissor lift also avoids injury by lifting heavy loads to a higher position with the use of hydraulics. Scissor lifts trolleys can be incredibly durable and some models can be used on various rough, uneven terrain and double scissor lifts provide extra height.

sturgo scissor lift trolley

Above: Sturgo Scissor Lift Trolley

Design specific trolley

There are a number of trolleys that are designed specifically to carry out a particular job such as a water bottles trolley or a trolley that holds a nest of chairs. Trolleys have been created for specific jobs for specific industries.

Bin trolley

Bin trolleys come with various specifications. With big large bins or smaller bins, they can be used for anything from dirty linen to tools and equipment. The bins can be stacked and you can have a spring-loaded base. The specifications and personalisations to a bin trolley mean you can get exactly what you need for your business.

sturgo big ben trolley
Above: Sturgo Big Bin Trolley With Tub

Cleaners or trades trolley

Theses trolleys are specifically designed to carry out a specific job. For instance, the cleaner trolley has a storage compartment, shelving and a place to hang a bin as well as equipment such as mops and brushes. It easy and lightweight to move as well as durable. Trades trolley often have buckets for tools and equipment and a surface for working on.

sturgo electric cleaners cart

Above: Sturgo Electric Cleaners Trolley

As you can see there is a heap of different trolleys that will help you in your business. Our job at Backsafe Australia is to make processes in your business run smoothly, safely and efficiently. If you’re not sure which trolley would best suit your business than give one of our team a call.


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