Our Holiday Schedule and 5 Tips for Taking a Break

Our Holiday Schedule and 5 Tips for Taking a Break
Our Holiday Schedule and 5 Tips for Taking a Break teaser

26 Nov 2018

Once again, the end of the year is upon us; it always seems to pounce without warning! Our team will be taking a rest over Christmas and New Year – our last fully operational day for 2018 is Friday 21st December, and we will be back in the office on Monday 7th January 2019, revitalised!

If you do need assistance while we’re on break, call our office on 1300 305 314, where you can be transferred to either Gregor or Joel’s mobile to chat with them, or leave a message.

Taking time off work is essential to keeping creative and inspired, and sane! Easier said than done though, so here’s a few tips we found handy from Robert Half’s worklife blog.

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Create an action plan

Plan ahead for any situations that may arise while you’re absent from work, and provide colleagues with details on your projects so you’re not the only one with the knowledge

To do list 

Spread the word

Let your key contacts know that you’ll be on leave so they can prepare as well

Wrap up your work commitments

Tie up loose ends before you leave, and keep the last few days before your break free to concentrate on finishing tasks and ensuring your projects are completed or on track

Prepare for your return

A key part to enjoying your break is having an organised schedule when you return – make a list of what projects will need immediate action when you return, and note any details that you may forget while on holiday

Step away from the smartphone

Switch it off if you can, set an auto-reply for your emails, and maybe even change your voicemail to state that you’re on leave and for callers to send an email if their request can wait until you’re back at work

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Bonus tip…go bush

If you REALLY want to step away from the humdrum of work life, head somewhere remote where you can connect with nature, and disconnect from technology!
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We trust you have a safe and enjoyable festive season. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed 2018 and expect 2019 to be even better!

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