How to Maximise Space and Flexibility Using Collapsible Storage Containers

How to Maximise Space and Flexibility Using Collapsible Storage Containers
How to Maximise Space and Flexibility Using Collapsible Storage Containers teaser

16 Apr 2019


One of the biggest – if not the biggest – problems in inventory management and materials handling is a lack of space. Managers of industrial or commercial warehouses know that how much space is allocated for inventory effects their bottom line. When a manager runs out of space, they can’t accept new inventory. When there is too much inventory, it costs money to store offsite. It can lead to a cascade effect of slow fulfilment, angry customers, and even more inventory clogging racks or shelves.


However, every business that needs to store inventory, plant, or equipment should be aware of collapsible storage containers. Whether your business is in electronics, automotive, retail, produce, construction, or anything in between, collapsible storage containers can not only free up space but give you the flexibility you need to attend to pressing needs now and into the future.
Here are some of the biggest benefits to using collapsible storage containers in your business.

They are a key pivot point in supply chains

All businesses that rely on logistics have a key pivot point, usually the storage or distribution centre’s transitioning from bulk held items to individual SKUs for fulfilment. Keeping these items for efficient retrieval is the aim of any well-run storage or warehousing centre, and collapsible storage containers can be used not only as storage, but as containers for shipping themselves. It reduces exposure of goods to breakage and falls, are resistant to temperature changes, and they also save time on repacking as well as material waste.

Pictured: WERKS® Collapsible Plastic Pallet Bins

Major space saving

Since these type of storage containers are collapsible, your business can fold and stack containers when not in use. They take up far less room than an equivalent non-collapsible container or pallet when deactivated, which can economise on space throughout the year. It leaves more room for larger stock or more items, the quick sale of which can increase your cash flow.



Reusable again and again

When you have your own supply of reusable crates, you don’t have to rely on other providers to supply you with transport material – you simply reactivate the containers you have on hand and ship out whatever is required to meet supplier or receiver demand. You can ship almost within a moment’s notice when you have your own collapsible crates on hand.




All sizes, all types

There’s no such thing a one size fits all solution when it comes to storage or shipping containers. Collapsible storage containers come in many sizes from small, lightweight containers that are hygienically clean for food storage, all the way up to mine-spec heavy duty containers for bulk storage. No matter what industry you serve, there is a collapsible container that is fit for your purposes.

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