Four Materials Handling Products Every Retail Shop Should Have

Four Materials Handling Products Every Retail Shop Should Have
Four Materials Handling Products Every Retail Shop Should Have teaser

11 Feb 2019

In retail, customer service is king. Every minute shop assistants need to manually handle items and products, is a minute they aren’t attending to customer needs. So how can you improve safety for your workers and increase efficiency in your shop? Here are four materials handling products every retail shop should have to help you stay on mission – putting the customer first.

Bin Tippers

We don’t have to tell you that retail spaces create a lot of waste. Bin tippers are designed to tip 100% of its contents into a dumpmaster or skip. This creates two advantages for your business: your shop assistants waste less time checking if the bin is empty and manually throwing bits and pieces into another larger bin. Second, it reduces risks of injury and hazards, especially chemical or biological hazards. For example, wet bins can be fitted with special locks that only the bin tipper can unlock when it’s in operation. It’s safe and economical.

dumpmaster bin tipper
Pictured: Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

Lifting Equipment

Saving worker’s backs and muscles is vital for health and safety reasons but also for efficiency. Lifting equipment can help assistants retrieve bulky items, or products stacked high in the store room or warehouse. Forklift attachments or scissor lift tables for larger retail shops can help in many applications, while smaller but versatile electric lift tables or scissor lift trolleys can raise loads for easy storage and retrieval. Portable lifters can turn what is usually a three to four-person job into a single person job, saving time and money. Hand stackers, furniture movers, and other manual stackers also turn difficult jobs into easy ones.

battery electric table lifter
Pictured: Battery Electric Table Lifter

Anti-Slip and Anti-Fatigue Products

A healthy and happy worker is a productive worker – it’s common sense to improve your retail floor or store room with anti-slip nosing on steps, or anti-slip tape across hazard areas. In retail, many shop assistants might be on their feet for at least 3-4 hour stretches (depending on OH&S and union guidelines.) Softening the ground with anti-fatigue matting can help reduce discomfort on feet and legs also preventing injuries such as foot spurs and shin splints. Anti-fatigue matting can also be fitted with drainage for food applications (especially refrigerated or frozen goods), and heavy-duty matting can be installed for industrial applications.

ergo tred anti fatigue matting
Pictured: Ergo-Tred Anti-Fatigue Matting


Though lockers might not be your first choice for improving employee productivity and morale, but studies have shown lockers have a big and lasting impact on workplace efficiency, safety, and job satisfaction. Giving workers a place of their own to securely store their belongings shows care and attention from management. It also reduces clutter in corridors or workspaces, with employees opting to store their bags and other items in the locker instead of on the retail floor. It also gives employees more personal space to do their job freely.

steel storage lockers 2 step
Pictured: Steel Storage Lockers – 2 Step

To find out more about materials handling products for retail, contact Backsafe Australia today. You can contact us via email at or you can give us a call on 1300 305 314.

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