Lucky Escape For Two Rio Tinto Mine Workers At Pilbara Mine

Lucky Escape For Two Rio Tinto Mine Workers At Pilbara Mine
Lucky Escape For Two Rio Tinto Mine Workers At Pilbara Mine teaser

14 Aug 2014

Picture Courtesy : The West Australian

Narrow escape for two Rio Tinto workers, working at the Pilbara mine, as they were able to escape from their 4WD on time that was crushed under a haul truck.

This incident occured on 26th July 2014, Saturday at the Brockman 4 iron ore mine site, about 60km north-west of Tom Price, where there had been a front on collision between a haul truck and a 4WD that was crushed badly under the haul truck's front wheel.

As per the news by The West Australian, truck driver was not able to see the approaching vehicle and kept dragging the 4WD for 40m even after the collision and was able to pause this action after receiving radio calls from the vehicle's two occupants who told the driver to stop. A spokeswoman for Rio Tinto claimed that the mine workers were able to get out of their vehicle safely. 

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