How To Choose Equipment That Is Safe For Your Business

How To Choose Equipment That Is Safe For Your Business
How To Choose Equipment That Is Safe For Your Business teaser

16 Apr 2018

No matter what business you’re in, safety is a top priority.  It is not only a moral obligation, but a legal one. Ensuring the safety of workers is essential. It is not unheard of for a business owner or a procurement officer to believe that any equipment they purchase will have passed all the relevant statutory requirements, but sometimes this just isn’t the case. Choosing the right materials handling equipment for your business is a fundamental element of running a good business.

1. Ensure you are purchasing from a reputable seller

It is fine to purchase equipment online as long as you know who you are buying from. Ensure the website is well designed with a clear catalogue that lists the safety features and clearly states that any products conform to the right legislation. Research the reputation of the company you are buying from, is it a trustworthy brand?

2. Ask an expert

A reputable seller will be able to take you through the safety features of the product and explain how and why they are in place. They will also advise you on what you need and importantly what you don’t need.  Do your own research also and don’t be lead down the path of buying non-essential or unsafe equipment. A reputable seller or expert will be able to tell you the difference between specific safety features and the relevance of this to your particular industry.


3. Look for the badge

Once a product has been researched, tested and meets, or exceeds a safety standard it will receive a badge, stamp or mark. These compliance marks are recognised Australia wide and may also include a licence number. If in doubt, look for a mark that indicates that the safety product has met the appropriate statutory standards or ask the seller.

4. Check

Check that you have the right safety equipment for the right job, in the right size. It is easy to overlook simple aspects like sizing. Getting the size wrong, even by a few millimetres can have huge repercussions. It just isn’t worth the risk. Each manufacturer may vary the sizing of a product so it's worth double checking with them.


5. Review

Once you’ve got your equipment it's important to review it prior to use, in case of the unlikely event that the equipment is faulty or damaged. That’s not all, depending on how often it is used and what it is used for will also have an impact on how long it lasts. It's worth implementing a good working practice culture within your organisation. One example would be to ensure that individuals check the equipment before use as well as periodically as per a schedule.


The take-home of this article is to never to overlook safety in your business. If in doubt ask an expert. The team at Backsafe Australia are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact us on 1300 305 314 or via email at

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