How To Handle Dangerous Goods

How To Handle Dangerous Goods
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21 May 2018

The safe storage of dangerous and hazardous goods is paramount. Aside from the obvious element of ensuring that you have the correct storage equipment, it is also essential to be prepared should a leak or spillage happen. Exposure to materials and substances that are dangerous to health can result in significant harm to an individual or the environment. When there is a risk of inhalation, skin contact or ingestion, it is important that you do everything you can to protect your employees.

Spill containment kits

If your warehouse is at risk of having a hazardous chemical spill, you need a spill containment kit. This provides a safe means by which to clean-up and dispose of any chemicals that leak or spill. Spill kits can vary in design and contain either neutralising or absorbent materials, or a mixture of both. This is then put into a sealable container for storage in preparation for disposal at the appropriate facility.

Pictured: General Purpose Spill Kit

Emergency eye and face washers

It is important to have an emergency eye and face washer readily available. These allow workers that come into contact with a hazardous substance to wash it away. This reduces the chance of damage from the corrosive agent. A washer can also be used to extinguish localised clothing fires. They vary in design, with some being specifically to shower the head and eyes only. It might be more suitable for a warehouse to stock a complete body shower. Either way, the aim is to give on the spot, rapid decontamination. The decontamination process needs to happen quickly and so they need to be activated easily and quickly. An eyewash unit needs to be able to deliver water to both eyes at the same time as well as allowing the user to hold their own eyes open with their hands whilst washing their eyes.

Pictured: Emergency Eye/Face Wash Showers

Decanting equipment

From time to time a hazardous substance will need to be disposed of, transferred to a different container or moved around the warehouse. Safety drum funnels, non-sparking, anti-static tools for working in highly flammable environments and spill containment caddies are all items that might be needed in your warehouse. This is to ensure that spillage and leakage are eliminated and/or minimised.

Pictured: Drum Funnel

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be described as anything from protective gloves to respiration equipment. PPE is classed as a lower control measurement. PPE does not attempt to control the source of the hazard and is dependent on the individual worker's correct usage and training. Nonetheless it is essential that PPE is provided and that information and instruction on how to use it correctly is given to employees.

Pictured: Personal Protective Equipment Signs

As a warehouse owner it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the people that work in your warehouse. This includes providing the right information and equipment and making sure the work environment is safe. You also have a duty to protect the environment and will want to protect your assets from damage from hazardous substances.

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