Everything You Need To Know About Forklift Attachments

Everything You Need To Know About Forklift Attachments
Everything You Need To Know About Forklift Attachments teaser

20 Sep 2017

Did you know you can pimp your forklift? OK, so maybe that's a bit extreme but they are a versatile piece of kit. You can change your forklift attachment to give you the best action and result for what you need doing in your business.

Your forklift is not a one trick pony. In fact, using a forklift attachment gives your forklift an arsenal of abilities. An attachment will make your mean machine (AKA Forklift) more efficient and therefore the driver can get a job done safely and with ease.

There are three important points to consider when you are looking to buy a forklift attachment. These are: The benefits of a forklift attachment, The types of attachment and Driver competency/safety. Here we cover these points in a bit more detail.

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What are the benefits of forklift attachments?

•    Less fuel consumption.
•    Fewer labour hours for the operator.
•    Less manpower to perform a task.
•    Tasks are done quicker.
•    Improved range and manoeuvrability.
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A quick rundown of the different forklift attachments:

•    Jib attachments: These are the most common forklift attachment. Providing greater manoeuvrability in confined spaces. A Jib attachment can extend or tilt for extra length or height. At Backsafe Australia we have many sizes and functionalities depending on your specific needs.
•    Fork extension slippers:  Fork extension slippers are slim in profile for easy use. This extends the versatility of the forklift truck.
•    Slip-on roll prong: The are Specifically designed for bigger forklifts. These are great for carrying fabric, cable, coil products and carpet handling.
•    Cages:  A forklift cage attachment is your best bet for carrying out occasional or short tasks at height. It is a safe platform with a handrail for workers to carry out jobs like changing lights.
•    Crane attachments: A Crane attachment will allow you to turn your forklift into a mini crane. This is great for lifting or lowering materials.

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Why is it essential that staff are competent in forklift attachments?

•    You don't want your newly pimped forklift to topple over. Each attachment is a different weight and dimension. This increased weight effects the centre of gravity of the forklift and its capacity to perform different jobs.
•    The attachment must be fitted properly. This ensures safety because the last thing you want is for the attachment to fall off.
•    Get the right attachment for the right job. Incorrect usage makes them unsafe and inefficient.

A forklift is a versatile piece of kit. Forklift attachments make your forklift multipurpose, efficient and can save you time, money, and resources. Forklift attachments are an invaluable piece of equipment. Your pimped Forklift is now multi-purpose, making it excellent for use across many different areas of your warehouse and business.

At Backsafe Australia all our forklift attachments are Australian Standards approved. Speak to us today about your next forklift attachments. 

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