How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clutter Free

How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clutter Free
How To Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clutter Free teaser

20 Feb 2020

Anyone’s who’s ever had any experience of a commercial kitchen will know what a frantic environment it can be, a place where space (and patience!) can be at a premium. A good commercial kitchen, therefore, requires a range of storage solutions that allow everyone — from the head chef down to the kitchen hands — the room to do what they need to do. Backsafe Australia supplies a variety of storage solutions Perth kitchens can use to streamline their operations, in particular mobile shelves and stationary shelving that declutter workspaces and improve operational efficiency.

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Why is organisation so important in a commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are hotspots in every sense of the word. They require creativity and precision in equal measure, but if you ask anyone who’s ever worked in one what the biggest difficulties they face are, it is almost always having enough space to be able to do their  job properly.
How the kitchen in a restaurant or hotel is organised significantly affects the workflow, i.e., how quickly orders can be fulfilled, which ultimately impacts on turnover. The better organised the service, the greater the number of covers that can be handled. Being able to work on an uncluttered food preparation surface is essential, as is ready access to utensils and ingredients, which is why finding the right kitchen storage solutions is so necessary.
At the same time, having enough space to work properly has also been shown to affect not only the morale of a commercial kitchen, but also ultimately the performance of the people who work there. Chefs at all levels tend to be perfectionists, and so if they are unable to do their job in the way they feel they need to, the end product suffers. Not being able to work efficiently because a kitchen is disorganised or noisy, or where the work is constantly interrupted, is a surefire way of producing an unhappy chef — and dissatisfied diners.

How to declutter your kitchen?

Experts recommend that the first step to decluttering a kitchen is to take everything out of every drawer, and off every hook and shelf, in order to gain a comprehensive picture of what you have on hand, perhaps taking the opportunity to give everything a clean and polish as well.
Then, once it has been decided which utensils need to be retained and which discarded, the kitchen staff should be allowed to put everything away again — in the places where things make most sense to them. As they are the ones who will use the utensils and appliances most often, they will know best where everything should go in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency. In doing this, you may well discover that you don’t need half as much kit as you thought you did.

What sort of kitchen storage solutions are available?

Our selection of WERKS® Cleanspan shelving has proven to be especially popular in all types of kitchens across Perth, from small independent cafes to larger commercial operations. They are ideal for reorganising space so that surfaces and workspaces are clean and uncluttered, creating a better all-round work environment.


Cleanspan mobile kitchen shelves

Our mobile shelves are ideal storage solutions in kitchens of all sizes as they offer flexibility and versatility. They come in a variety of dimensions and you can add a range of features so that the shelving is configured to meet your specific needs.

Cleanspan Stationary kitchen shelves

These stationary shelves represent the ideal kitchen storage solution. Robust construction is combined with flexible configuration, and there are a number of different dimensions available. Whatever size of kitchen you are working in, these shelves will help you to clear the clutter and operate at maximum efficiency.

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Where to find kitchen storage solutions in Perth

Backsafe Australia stocks an extensive array of Cleanspan storage solutions, including mobile and stationary shelving units designed specifically for use in food preparation applications.
Call now on 1300 305 314 or get in touch via email to find out more.

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