How Bin Tippers Can Help Your Business Prosper

How Bin Tippers Can Help Your Business Prosper
How Bin Tippers Can Help Your Business Prosper teaser

27 Feb 2018

No matter what industry you are in heavy lifting can be a laborious, time-consuming and frequently injurious task. In this blog we will discuss 5 ways that bin tippers can help your business prosper.

1. Increase productivity

As any good business knows, time is one of the key determinants of productivity. Making Small changes in how you work can gradually add up to big changes in productivity.’
Bin tipping machines can take the weight and pressure off your business by introducing efficiencies. A small investment in bin tippers will have significant productivity gains immediately.

Pictured: Dumpmaster Bin Tipper-Battery Operated

2. Reduce bottlenecks

If you’ve read The Goal you’ll know that bottlenecks in business and industrial processes are the number one issue affecting efficiency and productivity.
In most businesses, the quicker basic tasks can be completed, the more can be done overall. But hit a bottleneck like manual material handling and waste management and the whole business slows down. Tippers can remove this bottleneck and therefore improve productivity.

3. Scale up

Bin tippers not only speed up any process of waste disposal but they can also enable greater quantities of materials to be disposed of in one go – large tippers can lift up to 300kg of materials, allowing sheer scale to reduce bottlenecks caused by limited manpower.

Pictured: Multi Tip Bin Tipper

4. Mobile power

Best of all, modern bin tippers have a range of power-sources, from basic hand-cranked mechanisms to traditional mains-power and for those in need of more mobile solutions, solar power.
The direct enhancements delivered through bin tipping machinery are complemented by the broader gains of a safer working environment.

5. Safer working

According to Safe Work Australia, injuries cost the Australian economy $28 billion a year. The cost to business is enormous, not just in terms of direct medical costs but also in terms of days lost. 92 million days are lost each year to unexpected absenteeism. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates the injury rate to be around 64 per 1000 workers.
Whether working with hazardous hospital waste, rubbish from a construction site or corrosive material at a chemical plant, bin tipping machines present a safe and effective means of disposal, helping workers keep a distance from potentially dangerous materials.
Of course it is not just hazardous materials handlers who will see the benefits of bin tippers. Cafes, restaurants, schools and shops should also consider more effective waste disposal solutions.

Pictured: EZI-MT Bin Tipper

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