Benefits of Sturgo Electric Pallet Jacks

Benefits of Sturgo Electric Pallet Jacks
Benefits of Sturgo Electric Pallet Jacks teaser

12 Dec 2017

The right handling equipment in your business is incredibly important. Savvy business owners know that making a process more efficient will, in turn, be safer, but also reduce costs. This is especially important when it comes to moving pallets and goods around a warehouse or storage facility. There are two main types of pallet movers/jacks.

These are Manual Sturgo Pallet Jacks and Electric Sturgo Pallet Jacks. Both types of Green Colour Sturgo Pallet Jacks have a role in the safe and effective movement of goods. An electric pallet truck is the best option if you have a big facility where there is a lot of ground to cover.


Electric pallet handlers make moving items long distances easy. A manual pallet jack, leaves the worker exhausted from the physical excursion it takes to push pump the pallet jack and then push it to where it needs to be. Secondly, this also takes more time. Work that is completed in a shorter amount of time, will ultimately speed up processes and reduce running costs. Electric pallet jacks are easy to operate and require minimal training to set up and use.

sturgo compact electric pallet truck
Above: STURGO Economy Compact Electric Pallet Truck / Jack / Mover


As well as the ability to cover longer distances, they are easy to manoeuvre up and down aisles. Electric pallet trucks are smaller and more efficient for the picking of stock items. This is due to their size, which also makes them more agile. Electric pallet jacks are easy to turn and manoeuvre around corners as they can manage tight radius turns which speeds up allocated jobs in tighter situations. An added advantage is that thay are able to easily change their direction entirely in one easy motion.

sturgo small compact electric pallet mover

Above: STURGO Compact Electric Pallet Truck / Jack / Mover​


By its nature, the design of Electric pallet movers make them easy and safe for a worker to operate. Unlike its manual counterpart, there is no lifting or pushing required to operate it and so therefore a lower chance of a worker sustaining an injury. Electric pallet jacks provide unobstructed visibility for the worker, enabling them to see the path in front of them which will reduce the chance of accidents. This avoids risk of damage to the consignment, the pallet jack itself or importantly, to the operator and co-workers around them.

sturgo lift compact electric straddle stacker

Above: Sturgo Lift Compact Electric Straddle Stacker​

Eco friendly

Unlike a fuel consuming forklift, an electric pallet jack uses electricity. Electricity is classed as a clean energy source. Because of this, it naturally emits less noise and fumes, making the work environment less polluted for workers. Electricity is also easier to have in supply than fuel. An electric pallet jack uses a rechargeable battery that gives several hours of use before it needs recharging. When the battery is used, simply plug it into a power source to recharge.

An electric power jack is an excellent choice for any large warehouse that frequently moves pallets and goods around. They come in various specifications that will meet your exact business requirements. Easy to use, they are an efficient and safe piece of handling equipment.

sturgo compact electric pallet truck 1.8t
Above: STURGO Compact Electric Pallet Truck 1.8T

Green Colour Sturgo Electric Pallet Jacks

Like our Pallet Jacks, our Sturgo brand provides a range Green Colour electric pallet jacks to suit your business needs. Our Sturgo range of electric pallet jacks prevent costly accidents from manually lifting, lowering and carrying, whilst saving time and manpower with a powerful load capacity.

Our Sturgo Compact Electric Pallet Truck is agile enough to manoeuvre around tight and small areas through a simplified design to provide everything you need. Some of it’s key features are a compact body for easy storage, a stylish semi-enclosed design, a solid body frame and a maximum capacity of 1800kg.

Looking for your next Sturgo Green Colour Electric Pallet Jack? Contact us today to make your workspace and easy and enjoyable environment.


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