Be Prepared For The Cyclone Season!

Be Prepared For The Cyclone Season!
Be Prepared For The Cyclone Season! teaser

16 Oct 2013

Cyclone season is approaching rapidly and NOW is the time to act, things to plan and do in an emergency. If you are living or doing business in or around high risk cyclone prone area, you need to plan and prepare immediately as the official cyclone season commences on 1 November and ceases on 30 April. 

Tropical cyclones pose a serious threat to homes, businesses and communities. History witnessed many lives had been lost at sea and on land too, so preparing yourself from cyclones, is of supreme importance. Cyclones usually affect coastal areas up to 50 km inland from the sea, so whether you live in the urban or rural area, necessity to plan and prepare to protect yourself, your family and your property from cyclones is essential to save lives, minimise property damage and help your family to cope during a cyclone. 

Have a look at the 2013-14 Australian tropical cyclone season outlook.

Cyclone warnings

The Bureau of Meteorology issues a cyclone warning when a cyclone is expected to hit within 24 hours. Warnings identify communities likely to be hit, the name of the cyclone, its position, intensity, severity and movement. Communities under threat will be advised to take certain steps.

  •   Category 1 - wind gusts less than 125 km/hr
  •   Category 2 - wind gusts 125 to 169 km/hr
  •   Category 3 - wind gusts 170 to 224 km/hr
  •   Category 4 - wind gusts 225 to 279 km/hr
  •   Category 5 - wind gusts more than 280 km/hr


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