Tap into our mine camp mobilisation experience

Tap into our mine camp mobilisation experience
Tap into our mine camp mobilisation experience teaser

27 May 2024

“Are we going to be up and running in time?”

“Is this equipment client-approved?” “Didn’t that piece of kit break down last time around?” “Why am I assembling equipment at 3am? Again!” “DOES EVERY MOBILISATION HAVE TO BE SO <%@$ING STRESSFUL?!”

Mine camp mobilisations are big, complex projects. We know because we specialise in remote mobilisations across Australia. And we also know how to eliminate the avoidable uncertainty, stress and work. Here’s how: 

1.     Careful planning. Every mine site mobilisation is different and yet similar. We draw on our frontline know-how to help our RFM clients create a strategy that makes everyone’s jobs clear and easier.

2.     Client-approved quality. We supply products, built for the toughest remote conditions, that meet your client’s approved standards. No breakdowns. No downtime. No complaints from your client.

3.     Assembled and ready to go. We assemble everything for mobilisation projects, so everything arrives on site – on time and ready to go, right out of the box, saving you time and worry.

4.     Packed to perfection. Our proprietary PACKSAFE packing protocols mean all your mine camp equipment is picked, assembled, checked and packed so it all arrives in perfect working order.

Dedicated 24/7 support.

We work around the clock, so you don’t have to, with on-site support and priority access to our FM mobilisation experts.

Our got-your-back warranty.

We stand by the products we source, modify, custom-build, supply and service during mobilisation and beyond.

Fast PACKSAFE delivery.

Rapid delivery Australia-wide, with the added peace of mind our PACKSAFE packing system provides.

We’re not about to preach to a mobilisation professional like you, but we know a thing or two about planning and rolling out a smooth mobilisation that’s as stress-free as can be. Here’s a quick checklist of things you might want to consider when planning your next mobilisation:

  • Equipment assembly. This is an obvious one, but often overlooked. Every second counts during mobilisation and sometimes it's worth to budget for equipment to come assembled if needed, saving time and resources for other tasks and any last-minute troubleshooting. 
  • Supplier reliability. It's important to partner with a reputable supplier who can supply equipment on time. It pays to check how the equipment are packed, to ensure it survives the long distance freight and arrive in perfect working condition. This will prevent the headaches surrounding damaged equipment, delays and re-ordering.
  • Quality. When mobilising a site, it's easy to fall into the price trap (we get it - everyone has a budget to stick to). However, it is important to make sure the equipment purchased is built to withstand harsh conditions and won't break down in a few weeks, causing you more headaches and downtime waiting for replacements to come. Investing well the first time around pays dividends in the long run.

Need a handy checklist specific to your next mobilisation? Get in touch today and access our expert Remote FM account manager.

Nothing to lose. A seamless mobilisation to gain.
Brief us on your mine camp mobilisation. Pick our brains. Find out how we’ll help you streamline the whole process and ensure you have the client-approved equipment you need, ready to go, right out of the box.

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