7 Ways to Achieve a Great Workplace Safety Record

7 Ways to Achieve a Great Workplace Safety Record
7 Ways to Achieve a Great Workplace Safety Record teaser

04 Sep 2018

A great workplace safety record is something that all businesses strive towards, but warehouse safety in particular is very important. To minimise the safety risks to your employees, and decrease business spending on accident related incidents, here are seven ways to achieve a great workplace safety record.

1. Reward Safe Behaviour

 While rewards programs in the workplace are based on how much work can be done in a given period, focusing on rewarding safe behaviour can encourage your employees to work smarter and safer. Credit those workers who continue to create a safe work environment for themselves and others, and encourage others to do the same using a simple rewards system.

2. Maintain a Clean & Tidy Workspace

 A workplace free from clutter and obstructions is a safe and efficient workplace. Make sure all workers know what areas they are responsible for, and provide them with the tools and resources they need to maintain a clean and tidy work area. Obstructions to driving areas and walkways not only cause delays in your operational efficiency, but also can be a safety risk to workers in those areas.

Pictured: Bunded Shelving

3. Keep Safety at the Forefront

 Our personal safety is something that should constantly be at the forefront of our minds. But day-to-day duties can create complacency amongst employees. Providing thorough training to all new starters and visitors, as well as holding regular refreshers for your long-term workers, all helps keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

4. Clear Signs

 In workplaces that generate a high amount of noise pollution, such as a warehouse, using signs and labels are a great way to inform best safety practices. Having easy to read signs displayed in various areas of your warehouse ensures that each person working there knows what part of the warehouse they are in, and what hazards to watch out for.

Pictured: Caution & Beware Signs

5. Encourage ‘Best Practice’

Getting the job done quickly and efficiently is always a high priority for workers; however, this does not always mean getting the job done safely. Insist on the importance of ‘Best Practice’ procedures and rules to all of your employees. This is not only limited to machinery procedures such as correct stacking or weight limits, but also personnel ‘Best Practice’s including how to correctly lift heavy objects.

6. Short Breaks

 Working in a warehouse is often physically testing, with a lot of heavy lifting, carrying and moving around the warehouse itself. Encourage your employees to take five-minute breaks when needed to stretch, rehydrate and recuperate. Having employees feel their best will automatically create better efficiency and a better atmosphere in the workplace.


7. Regular Inspections

 Take the time to inspect your warehouse. Just like any other workplace, inspections are required at regular intervals to ensure your employees, stock, and machinery is in the highest working order. Check in with your employees at each area of the business, asking them to advise that anything they may have noticed which needs tending to requires appropriate action immediately.

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