5 Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Clean

5 Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Clean
5 Ways To Keep Your Warehouse Clean teaser

09 Jul 2018

Having an efficient warehouse is a no-brainer, after all efficiency equals cost effectiveness which equals greater profit margins. One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of a warehouse is to take a look at how clean it is and analyse the waste management process that it has in place. There are a few reasons for this. Mainly because a clean and tidy warehouse creates a safe and happy environment for workers, improves their efficiency and streamlines processes. There are a number of things that you can do to keep your warehouse clean. Continue reading to find out about 5. 

1. Waste management

An efficient waste management system is often overlooked yet is an important element to a streamlined business. Emptying bins at regular intervals before they overflow is a good idea. Having a regular plan and a routine in place will make it a sustainable practice. Rubbish on the floor is not only a hazard but will take up space and create clutter. Secondly consider the quantity of bins that you have and the placement of them. Making bins easy to find and use means that they will be more likely to be used properly which encourages proper disposal of waste.

PicturedTipping Bins - Fork Skip

2. Roster it out

Allocate a cleaning roster so that everybody plays a role in keeping the area clean and tidy. To make cleaning more achievable rotate your workers around and break the tasks up into smaller jobs. It is also useful to allocate roles and responsibilities to team members. For instance, one person is responsible for making sure bins are emptied and another for sweeping the floor. This creates a culture that supports a clean environment. 


3. Process it

Make cleaning and tidying part of the process. For instance, if a person’s role generates a mess, they need to clean it up before the job is classified as finished. It should not be left for another to do. Having a clean as you go philosophy in your business is a good way to keep on top of mess. It is straightforward to enforce as the task isn’t considered complete unless the area is clean and tidy.

4. Accessible cleaning supplies

If you are expecting clean-ups to be done as part of the job then you must provide the right tools for the job. Just like you should strategically place wheelie bins in areas where they are easy to find and use, the same should be done for cleaning equipment such as brooms and cloths. It will save valuable time as staff won't be walking around looking for what they need. Cleaning is more likely to be done if it is made easy to do. Providing easily accessible tools is a good way to do this.

 Hood Lid To Suit Bins
Pictured: Hood Lid To Suit Bins

5. Stock rotation

Having a good stock rotation and inventory check that is carried out at a regular interval means there isn't a build-up of expired, unused dusty stock accumulating on shelves. This type of unused and old stock takes up space and generates clutter.
Keeping your warehouse clean and waste-free will streamline processes and make your warehouse more efficient.

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