5 Unexpected Benefits of Bin Tippers

5 Unexpected Benefits of Bin Tippers
5 Unexpected Benefits of Bin Tippers teaser

14 Jan 2019

In industrial and warehouse applications, bin tippers or automatic waste disposal units are a godsend for reducing manual handling. Employees need not break their backs hauling bulky bins up to hoppers or compactors, and waste management is hygienic and efficient. However, there are many other benefits to bin tippers beyond simple waste disposal. They can have many more applications and benefits beyond simple “picking up a bin and emptying it.”

Allow Liquid Transfer

Emptying receptacles with oil or other drum-based liquids such as lubricants can be a labour intensive task. Otherwise, specialist equipment might be required. The durable Dumpmaster mechanism can handle loads of over 300kg, which eliminates the need for drum loading equipment. Dumpmasters can also be modified to fit your workflow.
Pictured: Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

Increase Adaptability

Bin tippers, such as the MultiTip can be adapted to a variety of workflows and industries. The MultiTip can be powered by battery, which has a two-fold effect on production. It frees up space on the work floor, as it can be moved from site to site. MultiTip machines do not require as much maintenance as stationary bin tippers of equivalent size or type. It can also empty bins as large as 150kg in only 20 seconds, which can increase the rate of workflow from a conveyor-based system.
Bin tippers can also be modified to work with fork openings to increase compatibility with forklifts and warehouse workflows.
Pictured: Multi Tip Bin Tipper

Increase Efficiency in Large-Scale Food Production

Large-scale food production often requires the transfer of vast amounts of ingredients into vats or other industrial strength receptacles. A lightweight bin tipper can increase the efficiency of ingredient transfer. The Ezi-MT can lift bins up to 65kg in weight, ensuring transfer of foodstuffs into the appropriate vats without excessive manual handling.
Pictured: EZI-MT Bin Tipper

Make Safer Workplaces

Bin tippers make waste disposal easier and less labour intensive, which means fewer instances of direct user intervention. This has a dramatic impact on occupational health and safety. Bin tippers are designed to tip 100% of the contents into a desired receptacle, which does away with workers checking if the bin is emptied. This decreases the risk of hazards, including biohazards. Wet material bins can be fitted with special locking mechanisms that the bin tipper can unlock, meaning a reduced likelihood of wastage or spillage.

Improve Productivity

According to the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), using ergonomic intervention devices such as bin tippers reduces injury costs and increases overall business performance, productivity, and competitiveness. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates a workplace injury rate of 6.4%. Bin tippers, as already demonstrated, remove many hazards such as from spills, manual handling, warehouse clutter, and contamination in food production.
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