Five Things To Look Out For In An Anti Slip Mat

Five Things To Look Out For In An Anti Slip Mat
Five Things To Look Out For In An Anti Slip Mat teaser

20 Jul 2019

Anti slip mats are a must in any factory, warehouse, or industrial workplace where surfaces can cause sudden falls or slips – or any environment where people are standing most of the time performing tasks. Anti slip mats are designed to add friction to surfaces which normally have none – such as polished floors, concrete floors, or steel floors. Anti slip mats also usually double as anti fatigue mats, which can increase worker productivity and general wellbeing (more on that later.) What should you look for in an anti slip mat?

Toughness and Resilience

Anti slip mats need to be built to industrial spec. Laying down a store-bought bathmat or rubber mat like those found in gyms are not suitable for workplace health and safety. Anti slip mats should be made from tough PVC or rubber – something that can mimic the soles of shoes and provide extra friction. They should be able to withstand the pressure of many people walking or standing on it over time so it can be a strong and cost-effective anti slip solution.

Special Application Types

Many anti slip mats are made for special application types. For example, many anti slip mats have drainage holes to allow water or other spills to seep away without losing grip such as Backsafe’s Kwik Kleen Non Slip Mats. Anti slip mats can also come in anti static or anti electric types for electrical or electronic work such as as Backsafe’s Electric Safety Mat. Other anti slip mats can be made with bacterial or germ resistance for kitchens and hospitality areas. If your workplace experiences different types of hazards, these types of anti slip mats will help alleviate these concerns.

Anti-Fatigue Properties

Most, if not all anti-slip mats double as anti fatigue properties. As mentioned earlier, thin, or non-industrial spec mats will not serve as either anti slip or anti fatigue matting. Anti fatigue mats help keep workers’ joints and muscles well circulated and healthy, promoting blood flow. This all has flow on effects for worker health and productivity. Your workers (and visitors) will thank you – as will your bottom line. Anti-fatigue mats decrease musculoskeletal injuries and complaints, which means fewer sick days or complications.

Floor Protection

Concrete and floors can chip and crack if left unprotected. Anti slip mats act as a barrier to prevent physical damage and dust accumulating in the warehouse or factory, which also have positive effects on worker health and safety. It’s also easier to clean debris and dirt trapped in anti slip mats than sweeping it all up from all corners of your workplace. It also makes your workplace look neat and tidy for suppliers or visiting customers.

Other Special Anti Slip Materials

Anti slip mats are practical for wide areas but less so for small problem areas like stairways – anti slip stair nosing. Anti slip mats are also impractical for outdoor use as the elements can attack it. Stairways and small lips of mezzanines can be protected against slips by using anti-slip tape or markers. Outdoors, one can use anti slip safety paint or coatings to prevent slips in wet weather. They can be applied to virtually any surface and be removed without damage.

Imaged: Anti Slip Stair Nosing

To find out more about anti slip mats and how they can benefit your business, see Backsafe Australia’s extensive range of anti-slip mats and special anti-slip tapes and coatings. Contact us here for a quote or call us on 1300 305 314.

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