5 Reasons To Use A Pallet Cage To Maximise Safety

5 Reasons To Use A Pallet Cage To Maximise Safety
5 Reasons To Use A Pallet Cage To Maximise Safety teaser

04 Oct 2017


There are a variety of pallets available for warehouse usage. As its National Safe Work month, we thought what better time to put safety first and look at the benefits of Pallet Cages. A pallet cage, also known as a stillage, is specifically designed to transport and store goods that otherwise might be compromised on an average pallet. They have added protection and safety features that you will not get with any other pallet.

We’ve listed five benefits of using pallet cages and included safety aspects within each. You can see for yourself the true advantage of using pallet cages, mesh stillages and retention cages in your warehouse.
Above: Werks Galvanised Stillage 

Safety And Protection

If you need to keep goods safe and secure then a pallet cage is a good option for you. This is because there is less risk of damage to products. Pallet cages act like a giant suit of Armour. Goods aren’t exposed and are therefore protected from the outside goings-on of the warehouse. This is particularly relevant when it comes to transporting the pallet cage around the warehouse when there is an increased risk of damage.

Movability And Handling

Cages are designed for effortlessness transport. They are easy for forklift trucks to move around the warehouse. Pallet cages are designed to attach to the forklift or pallet jack safely and simply making transport not only efficient but safe. These are ideal if you are storing goods that need stability and security. The added bonus is that they act as a system of containment. If your goods are at risk of toppling or not remaining in position, this is a solid and safe option.

Space Saving

There is a wide selection of models of pallet cages available such as collapsible cages and storage cages, therefore there will definitely be one to suit your warehouse needs. Unlike a suit of armour, many pallet cages are designed to be folded for easy storage when not in use. They can be easily stacked on a truck or racking system when they are either full or empty and folded.


Above: Werks Bolt on Cages 


With many different types of pallet cages available, you will find one that suits your needs. Stacking of cage pallets can reduce the need for racks. However, pallet cages are also safe for use on a pallet racking system. Stacking enables you to store more products in less space making the most of your warehouse.


Pallet cages are made out of various materials. There are some with a wooden base or metal base. What you use will depend on your warehouse requirements. Metal pallet cages are made of steel and galvanised to prevent rusting and potential damage to the actual cage or the goods within it. This makes them a cost-effective option as they don’t require any maintenance and are incredibly durable.

Above: Werks Mesh Stillage 

The key aspect to pallet cages it that they keep your goods and products safe and secure. This is not only a good option for stored goods but also makes it easier and safer for people to transport goods around the warehouse. They are durable, but most importantly they are safe.

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