5 Key Considerations When Purchasing a Sturgo Pallet Jack

5 Key Considerations When Purchasing a Sturgo Pallet Jack
5 Key Considerations When Purchasing a Sturgo Pallet Jack teaser

04 Dec 2017

Pallet jacks are ideal for moving pallets without the use of a forklift. Our Sturgo brand of Pallet Jacks and pallet movers are a simple and effective way to move goods around in many different industries. Pallet jacks are commonly used for transporting pallets short distance and come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you need them for. The decision of purchasing the best pallet jack for your business needs can be tricky. We’ve come up with five key considerations for you to take when purchasing a pallet jack.

sturgo pallet jack

Above: Sturgo Pallet Jack

Lifting Capacity

It’s important to know the weight of the pallets that you intend to use for your pallet jack or pallet jack. It is dangerous to overload a pallet jack not only because of the risk to the handler, but the machine itself can be broken and damaged if not used correctly.

Design of the Pallet Jack

There are a few things to think about when looking at the design of a pallet jack. In particular the weight of the pallet jack with and without its load in relation to the safety of the surface that it is on. Also it is important to look at the size and manoeuvrability. Will it fit safely into the spaces that you need it used in? Can it turn easily? The smoother you can carry out an operation the more efficient and safer it is to use. It is also worth thinking about the fork size, too long or too short will have an effect on the forklifts functionality and its ability to carry certain loads. Longer forks affect manoeuvrability as they require a larger turning circle.

Sturgo Manual Load Lifters

Above: Sturgo Manual Load Lifters


Deciding if you need a manual or electric pallet jack or mover will come down to what you are using it for. A manual pallet truck has a hydraulic lift that requires manually pumping up and then releasing. These are better for less frequent use, simply because of the labour and time involved in their use. Electric pallet jacks or ‘walkies’ are powered by a battery and will therefore need charging. They provide both power for the lift and in the wheels to help with moving around.


It is worth looking to see if you need any accessories to compliment you pallet jack such as pallet stops, caddy’s, tow bars or extra power packs and even the type of wheels to meet the demands of flooring. Accessories have the potential to increase the productivity by varying the usage of the pallet jack or simply ensuring safety.


An important factor in your decision making is to consider the environment that your pallet jack will be in. Will it be in be used in grocery environment where it's important to be kept clean. Or for instance, in landscaping whereby you might want to consider an all-terrain pallet jack. There are different types of pallet jacks for pretty much any work area.
Importantly, have a think about exactly what you need your pallet jack for and where you’ll be using it. If you’re not sure what is available or what you might need, then chat to one of our knowledgeable members of staff at Backsafe Australia.

Sturgo Pallet Jacks

As part of our Sturgo brand, we have almost any type of green colour pallet jack to suit your needs. Our Sturgo, Green Colour range of pallet jacks features a wide selection of jacks and movers that are designed to perform reliably across many office, warehouse and industrial applications.

Sturgo High Lift Pallet Truck
Above: Sturgo High Lift Pallet Truck

Our Sturgo Pallet Trucks and Jacks are supported with a proven design and a heavy-duty construction that ensures total reliability. Our High Lift Pallet Jacks  are capable of moving heavy loads of up to 1 tonne, providing  maximum efficiency in loading or unloading operations. To make the workspace that much easier, our Sturgo High Lift Pallet Jack elevates loads to a higher and more ergonomic working height, providing a user-friendly, and effortless method in lifting heavy objects.

Looking for your next Sturgo Green Colour Pallet Jack? Contact us today to make your workspace and easy and enjoyable environment.

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