4 Products that will Increase Staff Productivity and Happiness

4 Products that will Increase Staff Productivity and Happiness
4 Products that will Increase Staff Productivity and Happiness teaser

17 Oct 2018

Most industries find that providing materials handling products that contribute to productivity will at the same time also make a positive impact on the levels of staff happiness in an organisation — in short, without the right tools for the job, you won’t have staff who are happy to do the job!
Bearing this in mind, below are four essential materials handling products that will impact positively on the rate at which tasks get done and the happiness of your workforce as they do them.

Industrial Fans

Particularly in Australia, the use of industrial fans can make a significant difference to comfort levels in the workplace. Industrial fans can help to ventilate or cool a workspace, especially important in humid working environments where, as well as worker comfort, humidity can cause additional problems such as moisture and slippery work surfaces and floors.
Industrial fans also have a positive impact on air quality, particularly in enclosed or industrial spaces, by circulating air and dissipating fumes or stale air.
Pictured: Industrial Floor Fan


Workplaces are generally shared spaces, whether it’s a factory floor, a warehousing facility or an office, and personal space can be in limited supply. However, all staff value having somewhere private where they can keep personal items safe and out of harm’s way. Installing lockers is a simple thing that will nevertheless have a positive impact on how people feel about the work environment.
Whether it’s a wallet or purse, a phone or MP3 player, staff want to be sure that their personal belongings are not at risk of getting damaged and that they will be where they left them at the end of the day. Providing secure personal lockers gives staff the peace of mind they need to get on with the job.
Pictured: Steel Storage Lockers - 4 Tier

Bin Tippers

Bin tippers are a huge boon to workplace productivity in a number of ways. Firstly, emptying bins can be done far quicker than if by hand, and more waste can be disposed of more quickly, cutting down on the time required.
Secondly, using bin tippers significantly reduces the risk of staff being injured when trying to empty bins manually. Bins that are too heavy can cause severe back injuries, while there is always a risk of falling or dropping a bin while trying to empty it into a skip or dumpster.
Bin tippers are crucial materials handling products that reduce the time it takes to shift waste products, and to minimise the risk of staff getting injured and being off work.
Pictured: Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

Pallet Lifters

A common cause of workplace injuries in Australia is pulling, lifting or pushing heavy objects. In particular, loading and unloading stock from pallets, with all the associated reaching, stretching and bending, is not only time consuming, but also has considerable risk of injury.
Pallet lifters are an ideal materials handling products solution, as they help to increase productivity levels while at the same time making the task less physically demanding on staff. The spring loaded design ensures that the pallet remains at the optimum working height all times, so when workers are loading or unloading manually, they are not constantly required to bend or stoop.
Using pallet lifters not only speeds up the rate at which stock can be moved, but also makes it far safer for the people who are required to do it. For workplace efficiency and safety, they are materials handling products you can’t afford to be without.
Pictured: STURGO® Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table
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