4 Materials Handling Products That You Need in The Mining industry

4 Materials Handling Products That You Need in The Mining industry
4 Materials Handling Products That You Need in The Mining industry teaser

21 Jan 2019

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, materials handling is essential for increasing safety, efficiency, and workflows in the mining industry. As you know, mining requires robust and built-tough components to withstand the rigours of fierce mining conditions. Here are four materials handling products that can make the life of your employees easier and safer.

Werks Megabench 6000Kg

The Werks Megabench is a behemoth for materials handling in mining and heavy industry. Rated for loads of up to 6 metric tonnes (6,000Kg), the Megabench is an integral part of any mining workshop. Gone are the days of wondering if your bench can measure up to handling plant or heavy machinery. It’s also manoeuvrable via forklift pockets and features concealed lifting lugs/eyes for better ease of use. Don’t need 6 tonnes? The Megabench has a little brother – the 2,500kg benches. All benches are 900mm wide by 920mm high, and comes in lengths of 1800mm, 2100mm, and 2500mm.

Pictured: WERKS® Mega Bench 6000kg

Side-Shift Drum De-Palletiser

Don’t let the futuristic name put you off – a side-shift drum de-palletiser removes 300kg worth of drums resting on pallets with only 12kg of force. It operates using a dual-speed hydraulics system which ensures fast and efficient de-palletising. Built to mine spec, it’s suitable for heavy industrial and mining environments. It moves using 250mm front wheels and 100mm rear braked castor wheels. The locking sliding lifter is useful for lateral positioning. It retains a maximum rated capacity of 350kg. It’s a must-have ergonomic de-palleting solution for mining.

Pictured: Side Shift Drum De-Palletiser

Partition Walls – Perforated Panels

Reaching for the right tool in adverse conditions is a breeze with perforated panel walls, made to high-grade mine spec. Using a centre support, you can hang wall panels at 90, 135, 180, and as crosspieces in mine applications or heavy industrial or warehouses. Create your own tool or equipment wall in a variety of colours to your own exacting specifications.

Pictured: WERKS® Partition Walls - Perforated Panels

Pallet Cages

Maximising room and decreasing manual handling is a must in mines, and a pallet cage achieves both ends in an elegant and hassle free solution. The Werks pallet cage is stackable for transport and storage that’s built for production, warehousing, and component storage. The cages are portable by a forklift or pallet truck from all four sides. It can be used as standalone applications such as racking. When you don’t need them, you can collapse the cage for easy stacking.

The Werks pallet cages are designed with a positive locking bar on the racking to ensure pallets are locked in place, preventing any movement. These cages are fitted with a drop down access gate for easy entry into the base, even when pallets are stacked in the cage. Naturally, the Werks Pallet Cages are available in heavy duty and mine spec configurations. You can also protect your pallets with optional PVC cage cover. Available in 950mmH or 650mmH.


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