3 Ways Industrial Fans Can Increase Productivity

3 Ways Industrial Fans Can Increase Productivity
3 Ways Industrial Fans Can Increase Productivity teaser

23 Jul 2018

We all hate that sweaty, hair stuck to your forehead feeling, even when we’re lucky enough to be sat by a pool. But imagine it whilst you're working too. Working in a hot, stuffy environment makes for a very unproductive workforce. Having high quality industrial fans will increase productivity in your business. People who feel cooler and have cleaner air to breathe are more comfortable and if they are more comfortable they are better able to carry out their task at hand. If your workers are expected to carry out physical activities as part of their job, as a minimum they should be provided with good ventilation. Industrial fans are a good way to get the air moving and cool down your workspace. Here are three good reasons why:

PicturedIndustrial Floor Fan

1. Climate control

Heat strain has a negative effect on workers inhibiting them from carrying out their job effectively. Although a fan does not produce cold air like an air conditioning system does, the simple oscillation of a fan creates air movement. A fan has the ability to reduce the overall room temperature making it comfortable for workers to carry about their duties. If workers are more comfortable, they will be more productive.

2. Better quality air

Air movement caused by fans can dissipate fumes and air particulate that can be hazardous to health. This is especially important in cases where people suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma. Using an industrial fan is a good way to generate air movement and could save potential compensation claims down the line. Secondly better air quality from fans will tackle bad odours generated from equipment and processes.​

3. Reduce humidity

As if working in the heat isn’t bad enough, when you add humidity into the mix, working conditions can become unbearable. Humidity is simply water vapour that is in the air. Where there is humidity there is condensation and condensation can cause damp. Damp can lead to damage. It can also lead to a slick floor. Slick floors are slippery, which are hazardous to workers. By simply installing an industrial fan it can reduce the humidity by generating a breeze that evaporates excess air moisture. This will also protect your goods and equipment from damage caused by moisture as well as minimizing the environment dangers for your employees. In addition, it will also create a more comfortable working environment.

Improving the temperature that workers are in will improve productivity and happiness of your employees. Importantly clean air and ventilation will protect their health and promote one’s well being. Using industrial fans not only improves air quality, it reduces temperature and also humidity and overall safety of the workspace. They are an inexpensive and efficient way to prevent a potential minefield of difficulties for your workers, equipment and ultimately your business.

Whether you need to cool or ventilate your workshop and factory we have the industrial fans for you. Contact us today at 1300 305 314 or send us an email at sales@backsafe-australia.com.au and we will give you the right advice on the best materials handling equipment for your business. 

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