Three Materials Handling Products That Hotels Need

Three Materials Handling Products That Hotels Need
Three Materials Handling Products That Hotels Need teaser

21 Sep 2018

Like any customer-focused industry at present, hotels and accommodation live and die by their customer reviews. Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other rating sites will show how clean – or less than clean – your hotel is. That’s why materials handling is such a crucial aspect of any successful hotel business. Materials handling should not only be efficient and streamlined, but as safe and ergonomic as possible for greater employee comfort. Here are three products hotels should consider as part of their next round of equipment purchases:

Housekeeping Trolley

When it comes to cleanliness, a hotel of any description must have it as their top priority. When the guests are out, a reliable housekeeping trolley such as the STURGO line is ideal for any hotel, large or small. STURGO offers a full-sized cabinet offering expansive storage space with room for endless customisation. Hotels can add cart doors, vinyl bags, castor options, and customised equipment holders for vacuums, brooms, containers, or disinfectants. To reduce fatigue on employees, STURGO housekeeping trolleys are built with rounded handles for effortless grip and use. Electric models come with a long-life, rechargeable battery, and adjustable speed controls. Rear wheels are braked, and all drive wheels are pneumatic. They’re used primarily by international mining and facilities companies, and are guaranteed to make light work of a hotel or accommodation venue. Best of all, they’re emission and pollutant free.

Pictured: STURGO Housekeeping Trolley

Laundry Trolley

A few linens are easy enough to carry, but when one has dozens or hundreds of piece of linen that are yet to dry, it can cause significant injuries and strains. A wet and dry spring-loaded laundry trolley that meets occupational health and safety standards is a must for any modern hotel operation. A caged design gives moist linens an opportunity to breathe, and accidents with heavier loads don’t effect walls or the trolley, as it’s wrapped in a full PVC bumper. To improve comfort and efficiency, a STURGO electric platform trolley with centre drive is a welcome addition to any housekeeping service in a hotel. It features many safety highlights, including a dual braking system, key operated start, emergency stop, rear locking castor wheel, and an anti-slip platform. Bins and cages can be fitted or removed upon request.

Pictured: Large Wet & Dry Laundry Trolley

Waste Management Products

Hygiene is of the utmost importance at any hotel, and a range of waste management solutions that minimise manual handling of waste is as vital for your employees as it is your guest’s health and wellbeing. Hauling heavy waste loads to skips or larger waste containers are a thing of the past with Bin Tippers, which mechanically carry wheelie or other types of bins to a required height and tip them into a larger container with virtually no user intervention. The bins and cradle rotates a bit around a fixed pivot, and both descend using gravity, not a powered motor. These waste management products are not only safe, but versatile. They’re designed to be portable from site to site on castors, and accommodate all manner of bins and containers up to 250-300kg on the standard model.

Pictured: Dumpmaster Bin Tipper

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