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D Rack Pallet Racking

D Rack Pallet Racking
D Rack Pallet Racking

Product Name Price Quantity
D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 1372mm x 80mm Capacity 1500kg1BB080X1372M information
Post Mk2 914mm1P20914 information
Post Mk2 2133mm1P22133 information
Post Mk2 3046mm1P23048 information
Post Mk2 3658mm1P23658 information
Post Mk2 4267mm1P24267 information
Post Mk2 4877mm1P24877 information
Post Mk2 5791mm1P25791 information
Post End Cap Mk2 82mm X 73mm1SPECMK2 information
Feet Mk21SFEETM2 information
Beam Lock Mk21SBLMK2 information
Frame Ties 381mm1SFRAMETIE381 information
Mk2 Splice Kit For 1 Frame1SSPLICEMK2 information
Ftb Support 840mm With Retainer1SFTB0840R information
Ftb Support 900mm With Retainer1SFTB0900R information
Ftb Support 1220mm With Retainer1SFTB1220R information
Frame Assembly - Splice Frame8DASSEMBLYSF information
Frame Assembly - 4.2M To 5.8M High8DASSEMBLY2 information
Frame Assembly - Up To 4.2M High8DASSEMBLY1 information
Frame Assembly - Over 5.8M High8DASSEMBLY3 information
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 1372mm X 80mm Capacity 3000kg1BB080X1372 $28.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 1829mm X 80mm Capacity 2700kg1BB080X1829 $35.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 2591mm X 100mm Capacity 2200Kg1BB100X2591 $57.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 2591mm X 120mm Capacity 2800kg1BB120X2591 information
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 2743mm X 100mm Capacity 2080Kg1BB100X2743 $60.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 3048mm X 120mm Capacity 2500kg1BB120X3048 $71.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 3048mm X 130mm Capacity 2250kg1BB130X3048 information
D Rack Mk2 Boxed Beam 3810mm X 150mm Capacity 1800kg1BB150X3810 information
Pallet Ranking End Frames 5071mm X 838mm1FM5971X838 $263.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 914mm H X 838mm D1FM0914X838 information
D Rack Mk2 Frame 2133mm H X 838mm D1FM2133X838 information
D Rack Mk2 Frame 2438mm H X 838mm D1FM2438X838 $100.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 3048mm H X 838mm D1FM3048X838 $121.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 3658mm H X 838mm D1FM3658X838 $143.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 4267mm H X 838mm D1FM4267X838 $177.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 4877mm H X 838mm D1FM4877X838 $199.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 5791mm H X 838mm D1FM5791X838 $263.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 6096mm H X 838mm D1FM6096X838 $274.00 +GST
D Rack Mk2 Frame 6096mm H X 6706mm D1FM6706X838 $299.00 +GST

D Rack Pallet Racking

  • Designed to your warehouse and individual
  • requirements
  • Adheres with the following standards:

• AS4084: 1993 Steel Storage Racking

• AS/NZS 4600: 1996 Cold-Formed Steel Structures

• FEM 10.2.02: The design of steel static pallet racking

    D Rack Pallet Racking
  • Universal and cost effective system
  • Space maximisation ideas using our 3D layout and design plans

Pallet Racking Box Beams

Product Code Product Description
D Rack MK2 Boxed Beams
1BB080X1372M D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 1372mm x 80mm Capacity 1500kg
1BB100X2591 D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 2591mm x 100mm Capacity 2000kg
1BB100X2743   D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 2743mm x 110mm Capacity 2000kg
1BB120X2591    D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 2591mm x 120mm Capacity 2800 kg
1BB130X3048    D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 3048mm x 130mm Capacity 2250 kg
1BB150X3810    D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 3810mm x 150mm Capacity 1800 kg
1BB080X1372 D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 1372mm x 80mm Capacity 3000kg
1BB080X1829 D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 1829mm x 80mm Capacity 2700kg
1BB120X3048 D Rack MK2 Boxed Beam 3048mm x 120mm Capacity 2500kg
D Rack MK2 Frames
1FM0914X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 914mm H X 838mm D
1FM2133X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 2133mm H X 838mm D
1FM2438X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 2438mm H X 838mm D
1FM3048X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 3048mm H X 838mm D
1FM3658X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 3658mm H X 838mm D
1FM4267X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 4267mm H X 838mm D
1FM4877X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 4877mm H X 838mm D
1FM5791X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 5791mm H X 838mm D
1FM6096X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 6096mm H X 838mm D
1FM6706X838 D Rack MK2 FRAME 6706mm H X 838mm D
1P20914 Post MK2 914mm
1P22133 Post MK2 2133mm
1P23048 Post MK2 3046mm
1P23658 Post MK2 3658mm
1P24267 Post MK2 4267mm
1P24877 Post MK2 4877mm
1P25791 Post MK2 5791mm
FTB Supports
1SFTB0840R FTB Support 840mm with Retainer
1SFTB0900R FTB Support 900mm with Retainer
1SFTB1220R FTB Support 1220mm with Retainer
Racking Miscellaneous
1SBLMK2 Beam Lock MK2
1SFRAMETIE381 Frame Ties 381mm
1SPECMK2 Post End Cap MK2 82mm x 73mm
1SSPLICEMK2 MK2 Splice Kit for 1 Frame
8DASSEMBLY1 Frame Assembly – up to 4.2m high
8DASSEMBLY2 Frame Assembly – 4.2m to 5.8m high
8DASSEMBLY3 Frame Assembly – over 5.8m high
8DASSEMBLYSF Frame Assembly – Splice Frame


Size (mm)
930H x 900D x 3000W
930H x 900D x 1600W
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